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Shareholders become a true partner to the company upon acquiring any number of shares.

Accordingly, they enjoy the right to:

  • participate and vote at General Meetings;
  • receive a portion of the company’s earnings in the form of a dividend;
  • be apprised of any event that might affect the company, its financial position or its share price;
  • stand for the office of Director; receive priority treatment with regard to new share issues;
  • sell or trade their shares.

Shareholders in possession of shares have certain duties as well. The most important is to vote at General Meetings, which determine the company’s future direction. And in order to vote responsibly, they must take an interest in the life of the company and in any event that might influence its operations.


This transaction is primarily intended for shareholders who wish to make a long-term commitment to a company. When shareholders register with the company, their shares are managed by the company itself.

This solution offers numerous advantages:

  • these shareholders receive directly all necessary information and documentation for monitoring the company, including annual reports, notices of General Meetings, etc.;
  • they no longer pay the custodial fees that were previously owed to their financial intermediary;
  • Faurecia grants double voting rights to pure registered shares held for more than two years.

To record your shares as pure registered shares, you must contact your financial intermediary and ask it to transfer your shares to Caceis Corporate Trust (Euroclear France affiliate code 23), the custodian chosen by Faurecia to manage its share register.


The General Shareholders Meeting is held in the first six months of each fiscal year. It is convened by the Board of Directors or, failing that, by the statutory auditors or by one or more shareholders owning at least 5% of the shares.

There are three types of General Meetings, depending on the nature of the resolutions to be voted on:

  • Ordinary: resolutions regarding the company accounts, the allocation of income and the distribution of a dividend, the appointment and renewal of Board members and the statutory auditors, or a share buyback;
  • Extraordinary: resolutions regarding modifications to the company by-laws, a capital increase (or reduction), the terms and conditions for merger with another company, or the distribution of stock options to selected employees;
  • Combined: a combination of these two types.


The General Meeting provides an opportunity for the company’s executives to report to shareholders on the past year’s results and present the company’s strategy and objectives for the coming year. It is also when shareholders take part in important decisions concerning the company and express their views on the management actions taken by the company’s executives.

The company publishes the date of the General Meeting 35 days in advance in the BALO (Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires) legal journal, and two weeks in advance in another legal gazette. The holders of registered shares are notified directly and receive an entrance card. Other shareholders should contact their financial intermediary.


To participate in the General Meeting:

  • If you own registered shares, you do not have to do anything. You will automatically receive a notice of meeting and entrance card by mail.
  • If you own bearer shares, you should ask your financial intermediary to issue a certificate to the effect that your shares have been placed in a blocked account and to contact Faurecia for an entrance card.


Remember that your shares must be held in a blocked account for at least three business days before the date of the meeting.

Any shareholder who is present at the General Meeting or represented by proxy may vote on resolutions proposed by the Board of Directors or by any group of shareholders owning at least 5% of the capital. You may also vote by mail or table a written question by sending it to the company via registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. Each share entitles its owner to one vote, with the exception of shares held by the company.

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